Copenhagen office:

A/S Dan-Bunkering Ltd.

Tuborg Havnevej 15, level 5

2900 Hellerup, Denmark

Phone +45 3345 5410 - Available 24/7

Fax +45 3345 5411

CVR-No. DK-67226917

Nicolai Troen Nicolai Troen

Nicolai Troen

Sales Manager

Phone +45 3345 5434

Mobile +45 4026 5406

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I have been in the business since 1998 and have during these years gained an extensive knowledge within the industry. I have always had a passion for working with shipping, and I take pride in providing the best possible services and solutions for our clients. I speak English, German, and the Scandinavian languages. My spare time is spent with family and friends, and I like to ride my motorcycle or my mountain bike. Furthermore, I enjoy travelling to exotic places, preferably to places where I can also practice another passion of mine; scuba diving. My life philosophy has always been to have a positive mindset and to enjoy life and all the great pleasures it brings you.

Christian Andreasen Christian Andreasen

Christian Andreasen

Bunker Trader

Phone +45 3345 5441

Mobile +45 2721 1258

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I was born in 1992 and finished Business College in 2012, and joined Dan-Bunkering in extension of my graduation. I enjoy the combination of working in an international environment and doing bunker trading, and furthermore it motivates me to communicate and work with people from all over the world on a daily basis. Outside office hours I am playing a lot of soccer and spending time with my girlfriend and friends. I speak Danish, English and have a basic understanding of the Scandinavian languages.

Christian  Vandvig Finnerup Christian  Vandvig Finnerup

Christian Vandvig Finnerup

Bunker Trader & Team Leader

Phone +45 3345 5447

Mobile +45 6037 3961

Skype christian.finnerup

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I have been with Dan-Bunkering for more than 6 years. I have developed my expertise in especially the offshore sector, both in terms of understanding and knowing our clients’ requirements and also working with the suppliers and creating solutions together with them. It brings me great satisfaction to solve tricky and difficult situations to the benefit of our clients. In terms of geographical knowledge, I have strong focus on the West African market for deliveries offshore and in ports where the demand is often a little extra.

Claire-Celine Ancher Bausager Claire-Celine Ancher Bausager

Claire-Celine Ancher Bausager

Bunker Trader

Phone +45 3345 5421

Mobile +45 3110 4077

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I was born in Copenhagen, Denmark, in 1993. I have a background in sales, and I graduated from Copenhagen Business College in 2016. After graduating, I started working with Dan-Bunkering. I enjoy spending my spare time with friends and family. I speak Danish, English and have a basic understanding of the Scandinavian languages.

Claus Bulch Klausen Claus Bulch Klausen

Claus Bulch Klausen

Head of Operations

Senior Vice President

Phone +45 3345 5420

Mobile +45 2529 2777

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Born in 1971. I have been with Dan-Bunkering since 2004, before that - 12 years in various positions within the bunker industry. In my spare time I spend time with my family, read books and listen to music. Languages: Danish, English and German.

Henrik Jansen Henrik Jansen

Henrik Jansen

Sales Coordinator

Phone +45 3345 5424

Mobile +45 2191 2353

Skype danbunk_hej

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Danish national. Spent 10 years in USA. Languages: English, German and the Scandinavian languages.

Jens Sand Kirk Jens Sand Kirk

Jens Sand Kirk

Senior Bunker Trader

Phone +45 3345 5429

Mobile +45 2020 1028

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Born in Esbjerg, Denmark. Been working within shipping since 1981, where I started with A.P Møller in Houston, Texas. After 15 years (9 years in Copenhagen) I changed to work for J.Lauritzen as a bunker purchaser. Started with Dan-Bunkering Nov 2003. Mainly dealing with Danish clients and offering support to ship owners and bunker suppliers, when they become involved with marine fuel quantity or quality claims and disputes. In my spare time I like sailing - joking and playing squash Languages: English, the Scandinavian languages and German.

Jesper Wendel Thomsen Jesper Wendel Thomsen

Jesper Wendel Thomsen

Bunker Trader

Phone +45 3345 5433

Mobile +45 4035 1868

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I was born in Copenhagen, and spent 12 years working for a big Danish shipping company, including postings in Tanzania and the US. After this, I spent three years co-founding a software company, and joining Dan-Bunkering now brings me back to my shipping roots. My entire career has been international and I truly enjoy creating solid international business relations and partnerships. Outside of work, I am busy spending time with my (American) wife and our two little girls. I enjoy running and biking, travelling, fine dining and I am an avid supporter of the Danish football team, Lyngby. I speak Danish, English, Scandinavian and basic German.

Lars Jacobsen Lars Jacobsen

Lars Jacobsen

Senior Bunker Trader

Phone +45 3345 5422

Mobile +45 4063 5727

Skype danbunk_lj

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I am a Danish citizen and have been with Dan-Bunkering, Copenhagen and the bunker business for many years. So far I still have no problem in getting up in the morning and go to work :-) In my spare time, I like to spend time with my kids, family and friends - I like travelling and enjoy all kinds of sports but especially football/ice hockey, which I also play a bit myself. Preferred languages: Mother tongue, the Scandinavian languages and English.

Matias Engel Matias Engel

Matias Engel

Bunker Trader

Phone +45 3345 5437

Mobile +45 6037 5428

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I was born and raised in Denmark and joined Dan-Bunkering in 2013. I find the bunker trading business very interesting because of the many different challenges you face each day. When I am not working, I spend my time in the gym for a good workout or in the forest on my mountain bike. I also enjoy spending time with my family and friends who are very important to me. My interests, among others, are photography, personal development and discovering new cultures when traveling. I speak Danish, English and some basic German.

Rune Andreasen Rune Andreasen

Rune Andreasen

Group Offshore Manager

Phone +45 3345 5432

Mobile +45 2024 5429

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Born in 1980. Seniority: Been in the bunker business since 1999 -extended knowledge of hedging/fixed price agreements and offshore projects. Nationality: Danish Languages: Danish, English, basic tourist German, understands Swedish/Norwegian.

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