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Dubai office:

Dan-Bunkering (Middle East) DMCC

Jumeirah Business Centre 3, Plot No. Y1, Office No. 3404
Jumeirah Lakes Towers, P.O. Box 37034, Dubai, UAE

Phone +971 4 429 5600 - Available 24/7

Fax +971 4 429 5699

Kasper Fulton Stiedl Kasper Fulton Stiedl

Kasper Fulton Stiedl

Managing Director

Phone +971 4 429 5601

Mobile +971 558 902233

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I joined the bunker industry in 1996 and throughout the years I have obtained knowledge within most aspects of bunkering. The on-going new challenges in a changing world keep the high motivation. I spend leisure time together with my family and friends. I enjoy running and riding my racing bike.

Adil Qayyum Adil Qayyum

Adil Qayyum

Bunker Trader

Phone +971 4 429 5609

Mobile +971 561 155595

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I was born in Pakistan but grew up in Birmingham and London where I have spent most of my life. I am the youngest of six siblings, and I have an MSc in banking and finance from Kingston University, London. I speak fluent Urdu, Punjabi, and Hindi, with English and Urdu being my mother tongues. I enjoy the buzz of working in a constantly changing environment which provides new challenges on a daily basis. I am a vibrant, persistent and innovative individual who is never shy of taking on a challenge, and I always look to increase and improve my knowledge for the better of our clients, my team, and of course myself.

Anders Bønnelykke Anders Bønnelykke

Anders Bønnelykke

Bunker Purchaser

Phone +971 4 429 5602

Mobile +971 551 333378

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I have been in the business since 2007, in Dubai since 2013 and thus gained extensive knowledge within various areas of the industry from trading, bunker management, risk management, training etc. to now focusing on the purchasing side in United Arab Emirates and Persian Gulf, seeing a rising demands in all regions. The fact that it is an ever changing environment and we have to adjust to same to perform makes me enjoy every moment with daily challenges in all aspects. I put an effort in details and strive to make a difference in my everyday tasks. Origin: Danish. Languages: Danish, English, French.

Azeneth B. Sallador Azeneth B. Sallador

Azeneth B. Sallador


Phone +971 4 429 5613

Mobile +971 553 287191

Skype danbunk_asa

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I am a Sagittarius and born in 1983. I started in this industry in 2010, and I find the bunkering industry to be the most interesting and challenging place to work. I am married and I have a son, and I like to spend time with my family during my weekends and cook their favourite Filipino food. I like to mingle with other people and create new friendships.

Ebin Thomas John Ebin Thomas John

Ebin Thomas John


Phone +971 4 429 5621

Mobile +971 554 862980

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I was born in 1991 and have a masters degree in commerce. I enjoy working in an international environment and culture and Dan-Bunkering has given me the opportunity to do so. I am really happy to be a part of the team in Dubai. Outside working hours, I am interested in fitness and hit the gym every day. I love to spend time with my family and friends.

Lamin Bara Lamin Bara

Lamin Bara

Bunker Trader

Phone +971 4 429 5605

Mobile +971 527 222216

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I was born and raised in a multilingual family in Denmark, and I have been working in the transportation/logistics industry for 12 years. I joined Dan-Bunkering in November 2015 and decided to pursue a career in the bunker industry because of the opportunities and challenges it offers, and because I enjoy the fact that every day is different in the business. I speak Danish, English, German and Arabic, and in my spare time I enjoy to play and watch football.

Latheef Painat Latheef Painat

Latheef Painat

Office Assistant

Mobile +971 527 920833

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I am a pre degree holder born in 1979 in India. Prior to joining Dan-Bunkering in February 2015, I worked as an Office Assistant in a Government Office in Dubai for approximately 9 years. I am happy and proud to work with Dan-Bunkering. My family includes my wife, 2 kids, and my parents. I enjoy playing football, chess and I love to travel.

Michael M. Hedager Michael M. Hedager

Michael M. Hedager

Head of Trading

Phone +971 4 429 5612

Mobile +971 526 666614

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Born and grown up in Denmark. Scandinavian languages and English as preferred languages. German at a certain level. Have been racing sailing boats in various parts of the world including transatlantic passage. Besides sailing my other passions are skiing and motor biking.

Mohamed-Elghali (Rali) Bara Mohamed-Elghali (Rali) Bara

Mohamed-Elghali (Rali) Bara

Bunker Trader

Phone +971 4 429 5604

Mobile +971 526 555511

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I was born and raised in a multilingual family in Denmark and joined Dan-Bunkering in 2013. I have a bachelor's degree in commerce and business administration, and I speak Danish, English, Arabic and basic German. I enjoy the fact that everyday in the business is different, and the fast paced and challenging environment motivates me. I am dedicated to deliver the best service and fulfil the right needs towards our customers.

Rasmus Møller Jørgensen Rasmus Møller Jørgensen

Rasmus Møller Jørgensen

Bunker Purchaser

Phone +971 4 429 5614

Mobile +971 554 987301

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I joined Dan-Bunkering in September 2015, and prior to this I finished my education in Middelfart where I also was born. I find the challenging bunker industry very interesting as every day is different. In my spare time I like to do all kinds of different sports; running, kayaking, alpine skiing, going to the gym etc.. I speak Danish, English, some German and I have a basic understanding of the Scandinavian languages.

Rijo Alias Rijo Alias

Rijo Alias

Finance Manager

Phone +971 4 429 5620

Mobile +971 558 915155

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I am a chartered accountant from India. I started my career in audit with a well-reputed accountancy firm in Dubai, and after 7.5 years of audit experience, I joined Dan-Bunkering’s Dubai team in 2013 as Finance Manager. My interests include playing badminton and chess, watch movies and I love to spend time with family and friends. I speak English and Malayalam (native) fluently and can manage with Hindi and Tamil.

Sahar Zarghamian Sahar Zarghamian

Sahar Zarghamian

Senior Bunker Trader

Phone +971 4 429 5606

Mobile +971 529 391333

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I started working within the bunker industry in 2009 and I really enjoy the international environment and the challenges that come with this career. I speak Farsi, English and Dutch.

Sam Mathew Sam Mathew

Sam Mathew

Administrative Assistant

Phone +971 4 429 5600

Mobile +971 553 026560

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I am originally from India and I hold a degree in business administration and a diploma in hospitality management. Working as Administrative Assistant with Dan-Bunkering is my first job in the bunkering industry. My family includes Soumya (my wife) and Sana (my daughter) and my parents. I love travelling and cooking food.

Søren Emil Dam Søren Emil Dam

Søren Emil Dam

Bunker Trader

Phone +971 4 429 5603

Mobile +971 527 777791

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Origin: Danish. I am a master graduate in interpersonal organization communication from the University of Aalborg, and I did my master thesis on how to create learning in sales organizations. Besides studying in Denmark, I also studied in Mexico and Spain, which made me very interested in other cultures and perspectives. To gather the concept of sales, traveling and learning, which are important to me, I decided to pursue a career in the bunker industry. This gives me the opportunities and set up the challenges to operate all over the globe, which makes me feel very privileged and fortunate. I speak English, basic Spanish and the Scandinavian languages. When not working I enjoy spending time with family and friends. Furthermore, I also appreciate a good game of golf or going to the gym for a good workout.

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