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Welcome to our world

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Welcome to our world

Kaliningrad office:

A/S Dan-Bunkering Ltd. Kaliningrad Rep. Office

2G Universitetskaya Str., off. 402, 403

236040 Kaliningrad, Russia

Phone: +7 4012 519009 - Available 24/7

Fax: +7 4012 519008

CVR-No. DK-67226917

Andrey Kravtsov Andrey Kravtsov

Andrey Kravtsov


Phone +7 4012 519009

Mobile +7 9062 372112

Skype apkravtsov

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I'm Russian. Born in 1958 and have been in this business since 1991 (5 years on the customer’s side and since 1996 on the supplier’s side). Have had some marine experience as an engineer on watch on fishing trawlers, operated worldwide 1981-1986. Russian and English speaking. Leisure time: Diving, travelling, gardening, barbecue with friends.

Dmitri Kravtsov Dmitri Kravtsov

Dmitri Kravtsov

Bunker & Lubricant Trader

Phone +7 4012 530858

Mobile +7 9062 372999

Skype kravtsovd

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I was born in Kaliningrad (Russia). I have lived there all my life In my free time I like diving, swimming and riding my mountain bicycle I have been in this business since November 2006. Born in 1983. Languages: English and Russian.

Katerina (Kate) Plekhanova Katerina (Kate) Plekhanova

Katerina (Kate) Plekhanova

Bunker Administrator

Phone +7 4012 519008

Mobile +7 9062 130781

Skype danbunk_kap

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I was born in Kaliningrad, Russia, in 1987. I have a university degree in Finance and Audit, thus I come with four years banking background. I joined Dan-Bunkering in 2013 and enjoy working in an international company with colleagues from around the world, and I like the opportunities and challenges the industry gives me. Most of my spare time I spend with my family and friends, and I also like reading, walking, watching movies and travelling. Languages: Russian and English.

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