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Welcome to our world

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Welcome to our world

Monaco office:

Dan-Bunkering (Monaco) S.A.M.

4, Avenue des Citronniers

"Le Mirabel" 6th floor, No. 605

98000 Monaco

Phone +377 97 77 54 01 - Available 24/7

Fax +377 97 77 53 01

Jesper Møller Christensen Jesper Møller Christensen

Jesper Møller Christensen

Managing Director

Phone +377 97 77 63 20

Mobile +33 6 80 86 99 22

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I have been associated with the shipping industry since 1994 and really enjoy the dynamic environment. I have spent the past 12 years in Saudi Arabia, Singapore and the UK. I speak Danish, English, German, and some French, but especially trying to improve the latter. In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my family (married with two kids), travelling and all kinds of sports. During the last few years it has been a personal challenge to complete triathlons of all distances.

Amandine Ascencao Amandine Ascencao

Amandine Ascencao

Bunker Trader

Phone +377 97 77 63 37

Mobile +33 6 40 61 00 49

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I was born and raised in France by Portuguese parents, thus I grew up in a multicultural environment and feel in between. Once graduated (Master International Business), I began my career in Spain, then moved to London where I spent two years working as an account manager. After that it was time for new challenges with Dan-Bunkering in Monaco. I speak French, Portuguese, Spanish, English, and I am studying Italian. In my spare time, I enjoy travelling and visiting my family and friends abroad.

Christoph Riecken Christoph Riecken

Christoph Riecken

Bunker Trader & Team Leader

Phone +377 97 77 63 28

Mobile +33 6 80 86 93 01

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I started working within the oil business in 2004, and since then I have been working in various positions with one of the majors in both Germany, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom (London). The oil industry is a fast moving and challenging business, where the trading side of it does offer and combine both aspects. In my spare time I enjoy travelling and I also have a passion for diving. I speak German (origin) and English.

Jacopo Pigliapochi Jacopo Pigliapochi

Jacopo Pigliapochi

Bunker Trader

Phone +377 97 77 63 26

Mobile +33 6 40 62 76 59

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I was born and raised in Italy, and started in the bunker trading business in 2006 with one of the larger Italian traders where I have been working for five years. After that I moved to Port Au Prince in Haiti to work as a logistic and supply expert with Doctors Without Borders. After my mission in Port Au Prince, I came back for a new challenge in the bunker world and started with Dan-Bunkering (Monaco) S.A.M. My spare time is spent especially with friends and family, and I enjoy travelling and learning about different cultures. Hobbies include football and photography.

Mélissa Veloso Mélissa Veloso

Mélissa Veloso

Sales Supporter/Office Manager

Phone +377 97 77 63 25

Mobile +33 6 40 62 58 31

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I was born and raised in Nice, and I graduated with an MBA in Global Finance. Before that, I studied Maritime Law & Transportation. During the past five years, I have been working in several positions within the shipping industry enabling me to get a global vision of this field. I speak French, Italian and English. In my spare time, I enjoy spending time in Nice, my beautiful city, with my family and friends. As hobbies, I love cinema and swimming.

Sandra Parodi Sandra Parodi

Sandra Parodi

Accountant/Sales Supporter

Phone +377 97 77 63 24

Mobile +33 6 78 63 19 63

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Born in Cannes with Italian parents and English working background. Once graduated, I began my career in Cannes working as an accountant, then moved to London where I spent 7 years managing and running businesses with a keen focus on accounts. During my international experience abroad, I developed a passion for fashion, working with luxury brands. Having made the move to Dan-Bunkering in 2011, holding an accountant/sales supporter position, I am now living in Monaco. In my spare time, I enjoy travelling, reading (keeping tabs on current fashion trends), and I have a family orientated personality.

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