- All products
- Less worries
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Best Bunker Buy

ALL PRODUCTS: Because you can ask us for any grade, anywhere and anytime.

LESS WORRIES: Because our financial strength and risk management tools provide you with a safe haven in the volatile oil market.

MORE COMMITMENT: Because we go to any length and take all aspects into consideration to find the optimal bunker solution for you.





Fuel and Gas Oil

Do you need bunkers at midnight in Singapore? Or in the Gulf of Mexico at 09.00 am? We make sure you get the right bunker oil quality at the agreed time at more than 3,000 bunker locations worldwide at competitive prices.

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Lube Oil

Any lube oil quantities in bulk, drums, pails, cans, cartridges etc. We have an in-house team of experts and we offer you the highest service and flexibility worldwide – no matter the quantities you are purchasing.

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FPA - Fixed Price Agreement

A Fixed Price Agreement (FPA) is a contract which gives you the opportunity to know your exact fuel costs regardless of the volatile bunker oil prices. This way you can focus on your core business and avoid unpleasant financial surprises.

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