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New internship program launched with Dan-Bunkering Group

Dan-Bunkering is pleased to announce that a new internship program for Dan-Bunkering Group has been successfully launched last month.

The launch of the program has led to the employment of four candidates from three different countries.They all started in the beginning of September:


  • Martin Tolderlund Olling – Bunker Trading Intern - originally from Denmark
  • Janek Ekeli – Bunker Trading Intern – originally from Norway
  • Dimitrios Papantoniou – Bunker Purchasing Intern – originally from Greece
  • Konstantinos Tzermias – Bunker Purchasing Intern – originally from Greece


The actual training takes place in Dan-Bunkering’s office in Dubai; however, the plan is that the interns are also able to continue their employment in a permanent position in the group’s other offices worldwide after six months which is the duration of the internship.


During the internship, the four interns will work closely together with the trading team and a dedicated mentor, enabling them to obtain hands-on experience from the very beginning.

The objective of the internship program is for Dan-Bunkering to focus on providing thorough and intensive training via theory and practical based learning to a small, skilled group of talents, preparing them to enter into the day-to-day trading relatively fast considering their seniority.  


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