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Elena Hauser new Bunker Trader & Area Specialist Russia with Dan-Bunkering in Middelfart

A/S Dan-Bunkering Ltd. is pleased to announce that Elena Hauser has been employed as Bunker Trader & Area Specialist Russia in the company’s head office in Middelfart, Denmark, as per 1 May 2015.

Elena who is originally from Russia has been in the bunker business for the past eight years, recently working for a bunker trading company in Germany.


If the name sounds familiar in relation to Dan-Bunkering it is due to the fact that Elena was employed as Bunker Trader with Dan-Bunkering in Kaliningrad and later on Middelfart from 2007 to 2012 before deciding to advance her career abroad. However, she is now back in the trading department with Dan-Bunkering in Middelfart focusing in particular on the Russian market.


Contact details for Elena Hauser:

Phone: +45 6441 5401

Direct line: +45 6421 5440

Mobile: +45 6037 3942

Fax: +45 6441 5301