Thieu-vi Phung and Koh Kuan Hua promoted to Senior Bunker Traders

Dan-Bunkering (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. is pleased to announce that as of 1st May 2014 Bunker Traders Thieu-vi Phung and Koh Kuan Hua have been promoted to Senior Bunker Traders.

“Thieu-vi Phung was originally employed by Dan-Bunkering in Copenhagen in 2007 and moved to Singapore in May 2013. He is of French nationality born to Chinese parents and is responsible for the office’s French speaking customers. Koh Kuan Hua’s Dan-Bunkering career started in the company’s Shanghai office in 2010 and he relocated to Singapore in 2013”, Morten Mortensen explains and continues: ”Both Thieu-vi and Kuan Hua have proven themselves to be very capable and highly qualified Bunker Traders that are ready to take on the added responsibilities that the position of Senior Bunker Trader requires.”
Dan-Bunkering Singapore is by far the largest Dan-Bunkering office outside of Denmark and with the promotion of the two traders further emphasis is put on continued expansion and manifestation in this very important marketplace.

Contact details for Thieu-vi Phung


Contact details for Koh Kuan Hua:


Phone +65 6572 4300

Direct Line +65 6572 4317

Mobile +65 9821 1981

Fax +65 6572 4301


Phone +65 6572 4300

Direct Line +65 6572 4327

Mobile +65 9108 8851

Fax +65 6572 4301


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