Do you need bunkers at midnight in Singapore? Or in the Gulf of Mexico at 09.00 am?

We make sure you get the right products at the agreed time at more than 3,000 bunker locations worldwide at competitive prices.

Dan-Bunkering’s core business is worldwide trading of bunkers on- and offshore. Our presence on the global bunker oil market enables us to supply you with the right products at competitive prices all around the world 24/7/365. You just tell us where and when.

More than 3,000 bunker locations worldwide

Get the right bunker oil quality at the agreed time

Matching your fuel requirements with in line blending system

Furthermore, we offer physical supply of all grades of fuel oil. With our in line blending system on our own and chartered coastal tankers, we are able to blend all fuels to match any requirements.
Dan-Bunkering also offers worldwide supply of MGO, ADO, and AGO, primarily used as fuel for smaller vessels and for larger vessel’s auxiliary engines and generators.
Dan-Bunkering offers delivery of LNG (liquefied natural gas) in all European ports subject to LNG supply approval.
Furthermore, we supply various additives which can optimise the handling of the bunkers onboard your vessel.

We have incorporated analysis of lube oil samples with several survey companies worldwide

Supply for Danish offshore

We can also supply you offshore in Danish waters while passing in- or outbound of the Baltic. Some of the locations are:

Skaw Roads

Gothenburg Roads (Trubaduren)

Copenhagen Roads 
(The Sound)

Kalundborg Roads (Great Belt)

Rostock Roads