Bunkering is a people’s business, and the well-being of our employees and the people in our local community is a vital part of our strong and healthy corporate culture and successful business.

Dan-Bunkering feels a strong local commitment and an urge to give back to the local society. Thus, the global activities of the Dan-Bunkering group go hand-in-hand with local projects around the world. All of our offices worldwide strive to support various community based activities as a way of interacting with  and caring about the local community.



In 2009 Melfarparken, a council housing area only a few miles away from our headquarter, started a project called ’My Melfarparken’. The purpose was and still is to enhance the welfare and create a safe environment for the children’s upbringing in an area that is very different from the daily life at Dan-Bunkering.

We decided to enter a cooperation to bring the two seemingly diverse worlds closer to each other and enhance understanding through dialogue. We have a genuine wish to involve ourselves locally to the benefit of the youngsters. Instead of giving them a donation and leave, we believe that it has a larger effect to exchange human resources and establish personal network.

During the planning of a recent football tournament we learned that on top of the wish list was rubber coating for a multipurpose sporting field. Dan-Bunkering decided to sponsor the field, and the first big highlight of our cooperation was a football tournament on this brand new turf. The tournament found big support and experienced high attendance from the residents of Melfarparken and employees of Dan-Bunkering. In that way, a rubber coating CAN bring diverse worlds closer to each other.

kids playing in a sponsered field
The first big highlight of the cooperation took place on 18 August 2012. A sunny day with lots of activities, fun, football and happy faces in Melfarparken.