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Buy your bunkers in the Pacific Islands

Dan-Bunkering Facilitates bunker fuels & lube oils, and any other associated services to vessels in all of the major and regional ports of the Pacific Islands. Our well experienced traders are ready to assist you 24/7 with any port query you may have. 

Our Australian office is located in Sydney, where the time zone provides good coverage of the Oceania region and its suppliers. We are happy to meet and discuss your business needs and help guide you with berth locations and delivery methods and find optimal solution. We take pride in supplying the very best quality available, at the most competitive prices.

We deliver financial strength and management tools to minimize your risks and concerns. We can offer a Fixed Price Agreement (FPA) to allow you to set a set budget for a period of time, regardless of the volatile bunker oil prices. 

Not only do we offer extensive coverage across Pacific Islands, but also in Australia, and New Zealand. We have a network of expertise covering over 3,000 bunker locations worldwide, and we are here to help and guide you 24/7/365. Dan-Bunkering’s in-house team of experts always offer the highest service and flexibility. We can offer in many currencies, and across different units of measurement to suit your needs.

Call our bunker traders at our Sydney Office at +61 2 8270 7300.

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LENA JOHNSTON General Manager

About our Australian/Pacific office

Our office is located centrally in the Sydney CBD. We are always happy to arrange to meet and discuss your business needs. Our Trading team has over 50 years of local Bunker and Shipping experience to help guide you. As well as the Pacific Island ports listed, we also offer unrivalled coverage of Australian and New Zealand ports.

If you are in need of bunkers, vessel service, or lube oils. Please feel call us 24/7 and our excellent staff and traders will be ready to assist you and fulfill your needs.

Fuel types

Available fuel types are constantly changing and evolving, from current Oil based options like MGO, HSFO, and VLSFO, to next stage / bridging fuel options like LNG, LPG, and Ammonia, to future fuels of tomorrow. Dan-Bunkering are here to guide you on what is available when bunkering in the Pacific Islands for your requirements. 

Fuel grades

Let us know your bunkering / Marine fuel requirements, and Dan-Bunkering will guide you on the available fuel grades and specifications at your required location. Common types in the area are Marine Gas Oil, Very Low Sulphur Fuel Oil, High Sulphur Fuel Oil, and Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel. We will obtain the current product spec to go along with the pricing and payment terms.

Vessel types

Dan-Bunkering are experienced in dealing with all kinds of vessels, from Yachts and Fishing vessels, through Cruise vessels and Military ships, to Bulk Carriers, Tankers, and Container ships. Let us guide you on the best berth options in the Pacific Islands for your vessel, and find the best price for your requirements today.

Lube oil

Dan-Bunkering have a strong relationship with a network of local and international Lubricant suppliers. We are here to guide you on what products are available, and methods of delivery / transport. Whether you are seeking bulk quantities, or smaller orders in drums, we will advise your best available lube oil options.

Available fuel types and grades in the Pacific Islands

Bunker fuel, Yacht fuel, Marine fuel, Marine gas oil (MGO), Lube Oil, Heavy Fuel Oil, Very Low Sulphur Fuel Oil and Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel (ULSD)

We have expertise and in-depth knowledge of the major ports of the Pacific Islands:

And many smaller ports in between. 


We make sure you get the right fuel and gas oil products at the agreed time at more than 3,000 bunker locations worldwide.


We offer renewable energy options for a greener shipping industry. LNG, LPG, biofuels, methanol, hydrogen, ammonia, and synthetic fuels.


Our range of lubricants available worldwide includes all brands of engine oil, hydraulic oil, gear oil, greases and all other types of lubricants needed on a vessel.


An end-to-end solution for large scale projects. We help from the initial stage concerning budgets and planning to the beginning of the maintenance work. 

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