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A/S Dan-Bunkering Ltd. ventures into the broker market

The worldwide bunker trading company, A/S Dan-Bunkering Ltd., is slowly expanding into another new area, i.e. the broker business, by setting up a small in-house broker department in the company’s head office in Middelfart.
This new initiative has been launched to support the requirements from a number of specific clients.
Henrik Zederkof, CEO, says: “We are dealing with all kinds of clients worldwide with all kinds of needs, and of course we would like to accommodate all of their different requirements to the extent possible. Dan-Bunkering has by tradition always been mainly a trading house, but if a specific client is asking for the broker way of doing business, we are certainly not dismissive. As a matter of fact, we see it as a great opportunity to make use of our long-standing expertise and knowledge in the broker market as well”.
Dan-Bunkering will continuously focus mainly on trading, however, the company will now also give broker clients the benefit of Dan-Bunkering’s concept; Best Bunker Buy.
“We can use our expertise just as well by acting as brokers in close cooperation with our trading department, and our clients will only be benefitting from this and the large volumes we handle every day. We look very much forward to exploring this opportunity further and operating with our own set-up“, Henrik Zederkof continues.
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