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Mads Buchwald


Dan-Bunkering (America) Inc. to expand in the US

Dan-Bunkering (America) Inc. is pleased to announce that a new office in Stamford, Connecticut, will see the light of day as per 1 May 2015.

The opening is part of the Dan-Bunkering group’s expansion strategy which was kicked off earlier this year by the opening of new offices in Valparaiso and Montevideo. The two new offices in South America have been off to a great start and is thus accompanied by the latest addition to the Dan-Bunkering group in Stamford, CT.


Dan-Bunkering’s Stamford office will be headed by Mr Mads Buchwald, a Danish national, who has been active in the bunker business since 2008, both in Denmark as well as abroad.


“Mads Buchwald has been living and working in the US prior to his employment with Dan-Bunkering, thus he is already quite familiar with the US market and culture. We expect him to be a great asset and head our new office in the right direction from the very start”, says Managing Director of Dan-Bunkering (America) Inc., Hans Lind Dollerup, who represents the group’s interests in the Americas. 


The Stamford office is expected to be up and running from 1 May 2015, and it is the objective of the office to recruit more traders in the near future.


Contact details for Mads Buchwald:

Mobile   +1 281 734 9680




Office address:

Dan-Bunkering (America) Inc.

One Stamford Plaza

263 Tresser Blvd, 9th Floor

Suite 952

Stamford, CT 06901

United States

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