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Dan-Bunkering in Dubai hires four new traders

Dan-Bunkering is pleased to announce the hiring of four new team members for the office in Dubai. Trader-wise the Middle Eastern office is the second largest office in the Group, only marginally overtaken by the head office in Middelfart, Denmark.

The four new appointments consist of four different nationalities, i.e. Nakul Dubey, Capt. Ada Ezgi Baser, Norman Xie Changlong, and Rune Jensen.


Nakul Dubey was born in India and did his Master’s in Business Administration in the UAE before joining Dan-Bunkering as a Base Oil & Bitumen Trader.


Capt. Ada Ezgi Baser is a Turkish national with long-term experience from the maritime industry; among others a degree in Maritime Transportation & Management Engineering as well as employment on various crude oil tankers. Ada was appointed Bunker Trader in February 2019.


Norman Xie Changlong, Singaporean, started as a Bunker Trader last month and brings a bit of offshore experience as well as a BSc in Maritime Business & Maritime Law from the University of Plymouth.


Rune Jensen is Danish and has an MSc in International Business from Copenhagen Business School as well as experience from working for a stockbroker in Amsterdam prior to staring a career as Bunker Trader with Dan-Bunkering.


Kasper Fulton Stiedl, Managing Director, says; “We are thrilled to welcome such a variety of employees in terms of cultural and professional background and language skills, and we expect the latest addition of team members to add both dynamic as well as valuable skills to our office here in Dubai.”


Contact details for Nakul Dubey:                                                                         

Phone +971 4 429 5611                                                                                           

Mobile +971 588 949146                                                                                         

Email and Skype for Business:


Contact details for Capt. Ada Ezgi Baser   

Phone +971 4 429 5614                                                                                           

Mobile +971 521 264317                                                                                         

Email and Skype for Business:


Contact details for Norman Xie Changlong                                                                              

Phone +971 4 429 5602                                                                                           

Mobile +971 588 395874                                                                                         

Email and Skype for Business:


Contact details for Rune Jensen:                                                                         

Phone +971 4 429 5626                                                                                           

Mobile +971 588 395924                                                                    

Email and Skype for Business:




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