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Dan-Bunkering underlines strong market presence as they join forces with LQM

The top of class bunker brokers at LQM joins forces with the traders at Dan-Bunkering under one unified brand. Pulling the LQM business and Dan-Bunkering under one roof solidifies their combined stake in the market and further establishes Dan-Bunkering as the go-to bunker company.

LQM, turns a new leaf today, as the American based brokers merge into the Dan-Bunkering brand. With a combined 80 years of industry knowledge as both trader and broker in the bunkering industry, the unification of Dan-Bunkering and LQM under one brand enables the two companies to build on the strengths of each other, ensuring a second to none powerhouse of bunker supply in the USA and Worldwide.


“The combined skillsets from employees on both sides will put us in a position where we can add even more value to both clients and suppliers. Being able to combine not only our skills but also consolidating our businesses under a single brand is a great opportunity for our company and sets us on the path to leveraging our growing client portfolio into providing a more diversified and better set of services. The result is that no matter how our clients would like their procurement to be covered we can cater to it,” says Claus Bulch Klausen, CEO of Dan-Bunkering.


The LQM merger to Dan-Bunkering comes on the heels of Dan-Bunkering’s strong 2020/21 annual report stating a solid result of earnings before tax increase of 28 percent during the Covid-pandemic. The company is building upon this strong momentum by combining the expertise in bunker brokerage and strong American relationships of LQM with the global heavy weight bunker trader Dan-Bunkering.


Locally Anchored – Worldwide Available

Dan-Bunkering boasts physical offices in 11 Worldwide locations including Copenhagen, Shanghai, Houston and Sydney with more than 70 traders at the ready and a proven record of being at the forefront of the industry adding value to suppliers and clients at over 3000 bunker locations. Now adding the additional LQM offices to their North American availability.


“Bringing two of the strongest brands together under one roof is something that we’re very proud of having accomplished. LQM has for the past six years been a strong performing entity within the Bunker Holding Group and combining the strengths of LQM to Dan-Bunkering is a move in the right direction towards a truly holistic business approach,” says Christoffer Berg Lassen, CCO of Bunker Holding.


As LQM transitions into the Dan-Bunkering brand, LQM offices in Connecticut and Texas continue with business as usual only under a new name, respectively Dan-Bunkering Connecticut LLC and Dan-Bunkering Texas LLC, ensuring the locally anchored relations with clients in North America as well as Worldwide, while becoming even more tightly knitted to the expansive global network of markets and clients Dan-Bunkering has built and maintained since 1981.


Merging the companies and brands together, the task of administration will be streamlined to the Dan-Bunkering back office in Houston, Texas, freeing up the brokers and traders to providing service to clients both nationally and to new markets.

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