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Group CEO Henrik Zederkof and Managing Director Hans Lind Dollerup


Expansions for Dan-Bunkering in the Americas

Dan-Bunkering continues to expand and as a part of the company’s ambitious growth strategy, additional offices have been established under the auspices Dan-Bunkering (America) Inc. and the existing Dan-Bunkering office in Houston.

On 1st January 2015 Dan-Bunkering established an office in Valparaiso in Chile. Head of the Dan-Bunkering Valparaiso’s office is General Manager Pedro Gomez. Mr Gomez and his team have a remarkable past in the bunker business and they are all looking forward to servicing Dan-Bunkering’s clients and expanding the business further in the South Americas.


In addition to the office on the west coast of South America, a physical supply operation saw the light of day in Montevideo, Uruguay in early January 2015 ensuring Dan-Bunkering’s presence on the east coast.


 “These two new offices will increase our strength and competitiveness in the region and we look forward to improving our market shares in the South American Region” states Managing Director of Dan-Bunkering (America) Inc. Hans Lind Dollerup. “Being present in the region will ensure that our clients will continue to receive the renowned Dan-Bunkering service - now from a local team,” Dollerup concludes.


Group CEO Henrik Zederkof expresses his satisfaction that it has been possible to expand at such a rate in the Americas. “It has for many years been a part of our strategy to be present in three major time zones and we have been so for a number of years albeit very limited in the Americas. When the opportunity arose to carry out such extensive expansions in that particular region, we took it,” states Henrik Zederkof.


The Chilean team comprises eight extremely competent and experienced traders and administrative staff: 


Pedro Gomez
General Manager
Mobile: +56 9 9219 5658
Gernot Seifert

Accounting Manager
Mobile: +56 9 9403 9429 

Carlos Luis Cervela Uribe        
Sales Manager
Mobile: +56 9 9872 2984

Francisco Gonzalez
Bunker Trader
Mobile: +56 9 8249 8155


Julio Guerra
Bunker Trader
Mobile: +56 9 8250 4219

Gaudis Fuentes
Bunker Trader
Mobile: +56 9 7988 7362


Claudia Cruz
Post Fixing Executive
Mobile: +56 9 8251 4760

Ricardo Arenas
Head of Administration
Mobile: 56 9 8248 6915


Contact details for the office in Chile:

Dan-Bunkering (Chile) SpA

Blanca Estela 1066, 2510000 Concón



Contact details for the office in Montevideo:

Av. Italia 3683




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