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Five new Bunker Traders in Middelfart

A/S Dan-Bunkering Ltd. has the pleasure of announcing the employment of below five Bunker Traders in the office in Middelfart, Denmark, as of September 2018.

Matea Jelicic was born and raised in Croatia and holds a double degree in Petroleum Engineering and Supply Chain Management. Additionally, she brings along a vast amount of experience from different parts of the industry.


Yevheniia Karyndzha is of Ukranian origin and has been living and working in Turkey for a period, providing her with great knowledge and experience within the Black Sea and Mediterranean markets.


Marie-Louise Haahr was born and raised in Denmark and finished high school at Herlufsholm Boarding School before joining Dan-Bunkering.


Stefen Lassen Knapp was born and raised in the US by Danish parents but moved to Denmark at the age of 18 to study before starting his career in the bunker industry.


Victor Poulsen is Danish but spent part of his childhood living in Jamaica and Vietnam. After finishing high school, he furthermore worked a year abroad before returning to Middelfart.


All five traders each bring different backgrounds and levels and areas of knowledge to the Middelfart department which is the head office of the Dan-Bunkering group with more than 37 years under its belt.


Matea Jelicic                                                                                                            

Phone +45 6421 5417                                                                                              

Mobile +45 2845 8399                                                                                            



Yevheniia Karyndzha

Phone +45 6421 5408

Mobile +45 2845 8394



Marie-Louise Haahr                                                                                                         

Phone +45 6421 5423                                                                                                                   

Mobile +45 2845 8320                                                                                               



Stefen Lassen Knapp

Phone +45 6421 5426

Mobile +45 2845 8340


Victor Poulsen

Phone +45 6421 5413                                                                                              

Mobile +45 6037 5443                                                                                             





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