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Kasper and Patrick in Dan-Bunkering Middelfart promoted to Senior Bunker Traders

A/S Dan-Bunkering Ltd. is pleased to announce that Patrick Bøgedal Hoé and Kasper Bækkegaard Christiansen have been promoted to Senior Bunker Traders as per 9 April 2018.

Both commenced their careers as Bunker Traders in 2010 in Middelfart, Denmark, thus they have acquired several years of knowledge about the bunker industry from working at the head office, also being the largest trading department of the Group, for many years.


However, during his career Kasper was stationed in Asia for a couple of years before returning to Middelfart in 2016, while Patrick has been part of the Middelfart team since he started.


Since the employment of Patrick and Kasper eight years ago, they have both developed a great sense of business as well as leader characteristics which is why a promotion to Senior Bunker Trader was likely and well-deserved for both.


Contact details for Patrick Bøgedal Hoé

Phone: +45 6421 5415

Mobile: +45 2071 0498

Fax: +45 6441 5301



Contact details for Kasper Bækkegaard Christiansen

Phone: +45 6421 5416

Mobile: +45 2396 8074

Fax: +45 6441 5301



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