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Promotion and relocation with Dan-Bunkering in Houston

Dan-Bunkering (America) Inc. in Houston is pleased to announce the promotion and relocation of two staff members.

Nicolai Rosendahl Mortensen was recently promoted to Senior Bunker Trader, Offshore Division. Nicolai is of Danish origin and started with Dan-Bunkering in 2019 as a Bunker Trader, however, he joined the bunker industry already in 2012. Due to his commitment to developing the group’s focus on the offshore segment and the increasing level of responsibilities, a promotion to Senior Bunker Trader was a natural recognition.


Kasper Bækkegaard Christiansen recently relocated from Dan-Bunkering’s office in Stamford, CT, and joined the Houston department as Senior Bunker Trader. Kasper started with the group in 2010, thus he has a long history within Dan-Bunkering and has been working for both the group’s offices in Denmark, where he commenced his career, and in Asia before relocating to the US in 2019.


Jim Jensen, Managing Director, says: “Nicolai has shown incredible growth in his professional skills and is an important asset to our team, thus a promotion is indeed well-deserved.” He continues: “Furthermore, I am excited to welcome an experienced trader like Kasper who is very well versed in different markets and cultures, and I am confident that he is a great match for our office.”


Contact details:


Nicolai Rosendahl Mortensen                                                                              

Phone +1 281 833 5822

Mobile +1 346 290 1210                                               

E-mail and Teams: 


Kasper Bækkegaard Christiansen                                                                       

Phone +1 281 315 9569

Mobile +1 346 337 8017                                               

E-mail and Teams: 

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