E-book: EU ETS - Registry Guidance

EU ETS Dec. 06, 2023
E-book: EU ETS - Registry Guidance

A comprehensive guide on how to apply for a Trading or an Operator Holding Account

The purpose of this document is to give an insight into the EU ETS Registry, and through instructions show how to open a Trading or Operator Holding Account. This document will guide the user through different requirements such as fees, application forms, contact information, etc.

In our e-book you will get:

•  Union Registry Accounts 
•  Who is responsible for Compliance in the EU? 
•  Operator Holding Account and Trading Account: What is the difference?
•  Next steps for your business following the EU ETS
•  Generic rules and requirements 
•  How to create an EU-login in the union registry
•  Detailed registration information in different countries (EU, Northern Ireland and Norway)

If you have any questions regarding EU ETS, EUA or you would like to have a comprehensive onboarding, please do not hesitate to reach out to one of our experts in the New Fuels Team or your local Fuel Supplier


Optimize your EU Allowances Strategy

Purchasing strategies can be designed to mitigate price risk while limiting capital intensity. Explore the carefully tailored options that are created to make compliance with the EU ETS work for you. 

Contact us to optimize your EUA purchasing strategy by partnering with Dan-Bunkering and Global Risk Management (GRM).

•  Tailor-Made Purchasing Plans
•  Flexible Spot Trading
•  Forwards Contracts

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to Global Lead of New Fuels James Shiller at jash@dan-bunkering.com