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Navigating the EU ETS

Navigating the complex waters of the maritime industry is about to become even more challenging.

EU ETS – Not Just Another Regulation


As of January 2024, the European Union's Emission Trading System (EU ETS) will become mandatory, bringing along a wave of new requirements and regulations that will significantly impact shipowners and operators worldwide. But you're not alone on this journey.

The EU ETS is more than just another regulation – it's a fundamental shift in how we approach sustainability in the maritime industry. It's about reducing greenhouse gas emissions, promoting cleaner technologies, and ultimately, safeguarding our planet for future generations. 

Attention Shipowners!


GT - transporting cargo or passengers. These will be subject to the EU ETS from 2024.


GT and offshore ships. These will be affected by MRV and ETS from 2025.

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EU Emission Allowances

EU Allowances (EUAs) represent a form of carbon permission granted to companies participating in the EU ETS, permitting them to release a specific quantity of CO2 emissions. These EUAs can be traded in the marketplace, and their fluctuating market value mirrors the expense associated with emission reduction.


Navigating EU Allowances Procurement

What are the most important factors to consider when it comes to purchasing EU Allowances?  
Check out this short clip from our latest webinar, where Hans Dollerup shows different scenarios and strategies that owners have to take into consideration when purchasing EU Allowances.  
Discover how our fuel suppliers can help you navigate the complicated field of EU ETS and its impact on your business. 

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