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Agile Fuel Pricing

Bunker fuel prices can fluctuate widely within a single day. Whether caused by market imbalances, geopolitical tensions, or changes in regulations, we help you mitigate risks and avoid financial surprises.

Take control of your operating costs  


Shipments are often booked several months in advance, leaving your budget and earnings at risk of fluctuating prices and volatile markets. We offer tailored solutions that minimise the effects of unpredictable changes in market conditions and pricing. 


Take advantage of our extensive experience within hedging, fixed price agreements and max price agreements and benefit from agile fuel pricing strategies. 


Discover how we can help you

Predicting your budget over time can become an almost impossible task, as multiple unforeseeable factors heavily influence fuel market prices. By taking advantage of different financial instruments, you can protect yourself against volatile prices. Watch our video and see how we can help you take control.  

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Fixed Price Agreements (FPA)

An FPA is a contract that allows you to set and manage your exact fuel costs, regardless of how the oil market will develop. By locking in a set price for your fuel supply, an FPA can help your business plan ahead and maintain predictable expenses, making it an exceptionally effective cost-control solution.

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Max Price Agreements (MPA)

A Max Price Agreement (MPA) is an extended version of an FPA, where the upper limit of your fuel cost, and the degree to which falling prices are a benefit, are adjusted to fit your demands.

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A flexible setup

FPAs and MPAs offer the opportunity to plan ahead and ensure the availability of products at either a fixed price or a max price – allowing you to alter the ports of call throughout the contract and to stay in control of your operating costs while maintaining operational flexibility.