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Committed to a responsible business

We are firmly committed to our ESG agenda

Driven by our purpose 


We are moving beyond bunker trading – we are an essential part of the value chain that makes the world go around. Following our purpose to pioneer the next wave of fuel solutions, we take our responsibility and impact seriously. Initiatives within the environmental, social and governance agenda (ESG) help us stay on course and provide tangible objectives and ambitions to create value for business, people and the environment.

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Supporting the decarbonisation of the maritime industry

Shipping is the most efficient way of moving goods around the world. But it is also a significant contributor to climate change. We are dedicated to facilitating the transition to low-carbon fuels and helping our clients fulfil their environmental criteria.

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Shaping a more diverse and inclusive industry

The maritime sector is truly global. As we continue to innovate and address the modern challenges of doing business, we strive to shape a more diverse and inclusive industry.

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Taking the complexity off your shoulders

Our sector is simultaneously global and immersed within local rules, requirements, and expectations, increasing the complexity of daily operations. We are constantly reviewing our internal and external setups to ensure best practices and identify areas that need improvement.

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Your pioneer of a new wave of fuel solutions

We strive to move beyond bunker trading and deliver lasting value in an ever-changing world. By taking a holistic approach, we are ready to become your responsible and forward-looking fuel solutions partner.

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Your active advisor on new, low-carbon solutions

While we cannot dictate when the shipping industry transitions to more sustainable energy sources or which types, we can act as a valued facilitator between the shipping industry and the producers of new energy products and thus help the industry feel comfortable transitioning.