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A responsible employer

We are dedicated to promoting an attractive and inclusive work environment where all our employees feel comfortable bringing their whole selves to work.

An attractive work environment 

We know that a respectful work environment is key to attracting, motivating and retaining skilled people. That’s why we offer a number of initiatives and global benefits, designed to shape a flexible and inclusive workplace and to help our employees maintain a healthy work-life balance. From ongoing global training modules, workshops, surveys, and procedures, we base all our initiatives on promoting mutual respect and understanding across the entire organisation.  

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Our parental leave policy

We offer an attractive parental leave package of 20 weeks, supporting equal opportunities for all employees regardless of gender, position or place of work. By ensuring that everyone has access to the same benefits of enjoying quality time with their newborn, adoptive or foster children, we contribute to promoting a healthy and flexible work-life balance.  

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Our senior policy

We believe that enabling a smooth transition from a busy work life to retirement is just as important as providing valuable guidance on day 1. That’s why we give our senior employees the opportunity to apply for a gradual decrease in working hours to embrace inclusivity and diversity in all stages of their careers.  

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Our ambassador program

Through our senior ambassador program, we encourage retired employees to attend selected internal and external events. This not only enables them to remain part of the team after retirement but also helps nurture the professional network they have built up throughout their career. 

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Our stress policy

We ensure that all our leaders receive dedicated guidance on balancing a busy agenda with a healthy work life. As part of this, we provide training and guidelines to assist our leaders in proactively preventing, identifying, and managing cases of stress among their employees. 

What characterises us

Family-focused benefits

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Being a fuel solutions expert at Dan-Bunkering means working when activity is peaking. We offer a family-focused working model, helping our employees to find the perfect balance between work and family.  

Responsibilities that match your ambitions

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We are an organisation with flat hierarchies where all ideas and opinions are valued. If you have the drive and the skills, you will be quick to get responsibilities that match your ambitions.  

A diverse and inclusive environment 

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We fundamentally believe that diversity and inclusion drive value for businesses by enabling a diverse line of thought, fostering innovation and leading to better solutions for our customers and partners. 

Committed to your future development

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We help you realise your potential. If you choose to work with us, we will create a development plan together with you, and we promise to do our best to help you achieve your goals.  

A strong company culture

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While we are competitive, we also know that results are created in teams through collaboration and mutual respect for one another. We strive to continuously bring our employees and organisation closer and host different kinds of social events and after-hours activities.

Comprehensive training programme

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We challenge our employees, placing considerable responsibility on their shoulders from day one. To equip you in the best way possible, we guide you through a comprehensive training programme of high international standards. 

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