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Agile Pricing and Financing

Through our expertise, guidance, and advanced finance opportunities, we equip our customers with the optimal solution taking advantage of specific market conditions and price volatility.

Navigating price volatility in an ever-changing market 

The bunker fuel market is a highly dynamic and rapidly changing environment. Every day, a variety of geopolitical events and market shifts heavily impact our industry’s course of direction, forcing businesses to balance out price and supply chain shocks. As your trusted fuel solutions partner, we want to help you ride the next wave of pricing and financing, leveraging risk management tools for supply chain optimisation and take control of your operating costs.  

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Agile fuel pricing and financing tailored to your needs

By combining our deep knowledge of forward pricing with specialised insights into the structure of bunker prices and current market situations, we are ready to support you in all your endeavours.

Explore our initiatives for Agile Pricing and Financing

Fixed Forward Pricing (FFP)

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An FFP is a fixed price for bunker fuel to be delivered in the future. It includes hedging as a risk management strategy, which helps balance out market volatility and mitigates the risk of unpleasant financial surprises 

Fixed Price Agreement (FPA)

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An FPA is a contract that allows you to set and manage your exact fuel costs, regardless of how the oil market will develop. By locking in a set price for your fuel supply, an FPA can help your business plan ahead and maintain predictable expenses, making it an exceptionally effective cost-control solution.  

Tailored price setting

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We offer a selection of pricing opportunities that enables you to tailor solutions and price settings to your individual requirements.

Agile financing for oil, gas and renewables

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We provide agile financing to the offshore segment that is designed to reduce risks, eliminate exposure to volatile commodities, and secure earnings and milestone payments. By adapting to the lifecycle of offshore projects, we can offer payment plans that correspond to their specific needs.

Port optionality

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Our port optionality solution provides you with a high degree of flexibility, allowing you to include a selection of possible bunkering ports in your fixture. That way, you get to fix your bunkers without knowing your exact port of destination. You will only have to decide where your bunkering should take place when getting closer to the actual delivery date. 

Bunker On Redelivery (BOR)

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Our BOR solution offers you the opportunity to eliminate a bunker pricing mismatch on redelivery of a vessel. For operational reasons bunkers are typically stemmed prior to settling the redelivery, creating market exposure. This tool allows us to price the bunkers after delivery, matching the required pricing date. 

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