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Alternative fuels and CO2 reductions

We put our focus on education and knowledge-sharing, to help our customers chart the waters of CO2 regulations and EU ETS.

Supporting the decarbonisation of the maritime industry 


As our industry is faced with new legislative mandates to reduce CO2 emissions and greenhouse gases, we experience an increasing demand for alternative fuels. At Dan-Bunkering, we understand that pioneering the next wave of alternative fuels is a long-term endeavour that requires collaboration across all stakeholders. That’s why we’re committed to both reducing our own impact and ensuring that our customers and suppliers receive the guidance they need to test and validate the latest alternative fuel solutions.  

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Alternative fuels are on the rise

We are closely following the advancements within alternative fuel types to help you access the latest solutions and industry updates. Explore different alternative fuel types, such as biofuels, LNG, methanol, ammonia and hydrogen, and learn more about the transition of your vessels to low-carbon fuels.

Our initiatives in Alternative Fuels and CO2 Reductions

Becoming your information facilitator

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Our team of in-house experts is constantly working on providing a comprehensive regulatory overview to our counterparts. By collaborating with 3rd parties, we aim to facilitate access to the latest insights and developments within all types of alternative fuels for maritime operations.

Detailed CO2 reporting

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We are working on advancing our CO2 reporting to provide our clients with detailed calculations of their carbon footprint for each delivery. This allows our customers and suppliers to see their realised CO2 impact and use this data for their own ESG and CO2 reporting. 

Carbon Reduction 

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We aim to utilise advanced systems and cooperate with 3rd parties to help our clients reduce carbon emissions. Reach out to us if you want to hear more. 

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