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Safe Trading

We strive to help our customers and suppliers manage compliance regulations and establish safer industry standards – inspiring other players to follow.

Navigating risk and compliance in shipping  


Ongoing sanctions and geo-political conflicts have increased the complexity of dealing with risks and compliance in the maritime industry. As part of our ambition to pioneer the next wave of fuel solutions, we are ready to help our customers step into a new era of safe trading. Already today, we perform compliance checks for our customers and suppliers and implement effective policies against corruption and money laundering. And we plan to expand our offerings to fully automated compliance checks to alleviate our customers’ workload. 

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Ensuring compliance throughout the supply chain

Compliance with regulations and Know-Your-Counterpart (KYC) management are crucial to the supply chain in a bunker supply. By enforcing advanced screenings and evaluations, we help you ensure that all companies and individuals involved in the trade meet legal standards.

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Stepping into a new era of safe trading

We aim to help our customers manage compliance regulations through administrative support, documentation, and vendor management – with the overall ambition to define a new industry standard in compliance.