A job at Dan-Bunkering means taking on great challenges and getting the opportunity to enjoy a global career in one of our many offices worldwide.

At Dan-Bunkering we know by experience that highly skilled and extremely dedicated employees make a world of difference for our clients. It is vital to us that all of our employees enjoy a high level of well-being, thus we offer a challenging and varied working life depending on individual wishes, ability and potential.

Dan-Bunkering is a competitive and demanding place to work. We offer a variety of training opportunities both outsourced and in-house where we have developed our own long-term training programme as well as our own international business academy.

"Working at Dan-Bunkering is a lifelong treasure to me. I started being a part of the Dan-Bunkering Family in 2006 and thanks to a smart mentoring system, strong team spirit, and ambitious colleagues, everybody here can develop themselves well. We at Dan-Bunkering want to be a winning team, and for me, it is very exciting to be a part of and overcome challenges every day."

–  Alex Qin, Chief Representative

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Near our headquarters we have built a stylish apartment house, Østerhus, to attract and retain talents from around the world and make them feel at home in Middelfart. Østerhus brings together employees of different ages and backgrounds and serves as an inspiring international environment where new relations are made and diverse opinions are exchanged.

Our foreign employees are highly appreciated, and their talents, lingual and cultural understanding are vital to our company’s success and development. Østerhus is ‘Home Sweet Home’ for the employees from all over the world, and an invaluable asset to Dan-Bunkering.

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All stylish apartments are about 90 square meters and fitted with a wide selection of modern features.