New certifications achieved

Other insights Nov. 03, 2023
New certifications achieved

We are proud to announce that our Houston office has achieved the ISCC EU and ISCC Plus Certifications.

These certifications demonstrate our commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, protecting natural habitats, and ensuring social sustainability throughout our supply chain. 

ISCC - International Sustainability and Carbon Certification is a leading global certification scheme that covers biomass and biofuels, as well as circular materials. It is recognised by the EU Renewable Energy Directive (RED) and other international standards. 


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Dan-Bunkering Houston Office

The shipping industry is actively addressing the imperative of reducing carbon emissions to meet the targets set by the IMO and the EU. The adoption of new fuels emerges as a vital component of the industry's journey towards decarbonisation.  


To assist in the green transition, Dan-Bunkering has established a dedicated New Fuels team. In our Houston Office, experts Kasper Baekkegaard Christiansen and Paola Prieto are ready to answer your questions and guide you through the selection of new fuel solutions.