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Bunker Fuel Supplier Panama Canal, Central America

Dan–Bunkering Stamford

Panama Canal

When bunkering in the Panama Canal

Dan-Bunkering will help guide you with the suitability of your planned berth location for bunkering, as well as delivery methods available.


The Panama Canal is linking the Atlantic ocean with the Pacific ocean and divides North and South America. It is an artificial 82 kilometres waterway and is a shortcut that reduces the time for ships to travel between the Atlantic and the Pacific ocean. 


The Panama Canal has seven main ports: Port of Balboa, Port of Almirante, Port of Cristobal, Manzanillo International Terminal, Bocas Del Toro, Vacamonte and Veracruz Port. 


The American Society of Civil Engineers has ranked the Panama Canal as one of the seven wonders in the modern world. 


We help deliver your bunkers in the Panama Canal. Call our fuel suppliers at our Stamford office at +1 929 373 3234

About our Stamford office


In the late 1990’s a lot of shipping companies left New York City to reside in Connecticut instead. Over time that turned Stamford, CT and neighboring cities into smaller shipping and maritime communities, and still to this day the local area remains the home of many ship owners, ship operators, ship charterers and service companies for the shipping sector.


On October 11, 2021, the US bunker broker institution LQM Petroleum Services LLC merged with the global bunker supply and trading company, Dan-Bunkering to form Dan-Bunkering (Connecticut) LLC, gathering more than 120 years of industry experience and know-how under one roof and creating a unique platform for both brokerage and trading of marine fuel.


In addition to round-the-clock bunker supply, Dan Bunkering (Connecticut) LLC can also offer risk management to minimize any exposure of oil price fluctuation, as well as tailored supply terms and flexible financing packages to match our client’s requirements. We endeavor to create added value for all parties always in the fast-changing, complex oil and shipping markets, while also a guiding our business partners into the green transition with the objective of reducing carbon emission in the shipping industry.


We are always ready to assist owners/operators of cargo ships, commercial fishing vessels, container ships, cruise vessels, military/government vessels, ocean-going yachts, research vessels, tugboats, etc. with all grades of quality marine fuels and full range of lube oil requirements.


If you are in need of bunkers, vessel service, or lube oils. Please feel call us 24/7 and our excellent staff and traders will be ready to assist you and fulfill your needs.